Massage by Mark Kinsey

Massage by Mark Kinsey

NCLMBT #6072

North Carolina Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #6072


I got listed on the major review websites in 2016, so there aren't a lot of reviews yet. You'll find the most reviews at Genbook, or read comments from clients at the bottom of this page.

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Feedback & Testimonials

"I appreciate your attention to details, your attentiveness, and the personal touches. It was a very good experience. It's 2 days later, and I still feel great." - C.A.
"This was my first massage - and I truly believe it couldn't have been better! Thanks for introducing me in such a professional manner." - R.M.
"Massage rates/packages are very reasonable. I appreciate the time spent on problem areas and stretching tips." - B.W.
"The massage was excellent- thorough, the right pressure for me. I slept better that night than usual and felt better the next day as well. You're a very congenial guy, easy to talk to and genuine." - J.B.
"Mark, it was an excellent & wonderful massage. You got lots of old stuck stuff moving out of my body. You gave me the perfect massage that I needed that day." - B.P.
"You did a great job. I haven't gotten tons of massages so it's hard for me to judge. Most importantly you motivated me to exercise & told me about all the Youtube videos - thanks! You have a great attention to detail :)" - K.W.
"It went fast for me and we spent a lot of time on traps. But I slept great that night. I am definitely thinking of using this as part of my stress management." - M.S.
"I went through this week without the neck pain I had before coming!" - S.H.
"Really nice experience - my back felt markedly better the next morning. Thanks!" - K.W.
"Overall a real comfortable and satisfying massage/experience." - P.W.
"I already feel less like Quasimodo." - R.A.